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    设计师: 陈诣杰


    L' Arôme Fangfang is a new style restaurant food brand with the promotion of bistronomy as the main line. The designer seamlessly connects the French dining room and cool cocktail bar in a space, redefining the form of high-end catering. The dark purple curtain at the entrance blocks the view, combining with the Impressionist theme of the restaurant, giving a mysterious and modern feeling. After entering the door, the first thing I saw was the dark romantic cocktail bar. Geometric patterns, strong lines, gorgeous colors, luxurious materials, reversible wine brands and colorful breathing lights on the top created a unique leisure and entertainment atmosphere. Through the bar, the moment into another broad world. It is quite different from the dark atmosphere in front of it. The music is soft and the light is bright. The semi package sofa seats are generous and comfortable. The overall layout has the typical delicacy and elegance of the French restaurant.

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