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    The shape of the whole sales office imitates the appearance of scattered rolling hills, the curve transition is smooth and elegant, and the angle change is simple and delicate. The carefully calculated angle and arc not only conform to the optimal solution of structural mechanics, but also expand the aesthetic form of the building. In order to make the geometric structure of the building more varied, the end point of the ridge curve flies out from the rising two corners, and then the side is tilted down with a steep and sharp smooth mirror surface, just like the typical rock cliff of Danxia landform. The roundness and sharpness between twists and turns are condensed together without leaving any trace here, and the use of lines is like waterfall flying, reflecting the designer's professional ability of free and easy. The whole building is dignified, graceful and clear, graceful and self-contained. It can leave a deep first impression on the visitors when it is applied to the most extreme geometric aesthetics.

    In this case, the designer, with his highly plastic geometric aesthetics, precise and unique material selection, profound and ingenious design concept, integrates the local cultural and geomorphic characteristics, introduces the western modernist aesthetic point of view, turns it into an emotional expression accepted by the East, and presents the elegant pattern and features of modern CBD with profound professional skills and precise artistic cognition Serenity. All kinds of details make this case of extraordinary high quality and become another classic paradigm of modernism design.

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